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Official website of Ghiffa Parishes and Oratorio Progetto Nuova Realtà


1) Ghiffa

Ghiffa is a village in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province (Provincia del Verbano-Cusio-Ossola), in Piedmont Region (Regione Piemonte), on the Western Side of Maggiore Lake (Lago Maggiore) and next to Verbania.


2) The Ghiffa Parishes

In Ghiffa there are many churches (and chapels), 3 of which are Parochial (principal ones): San Maurizio della Costa (Saint Maurice martyr, in Ghiffa - San Maurizio), Santa Croce (Holy Cross, in Ghiffa - Santa Croce), San Lorenzo in Cargiago (Saint Lawrence of Rome, in Ghiffa - Cargiago).


3) The Sacred Mountain “Holy Trinity” in Ghiffa (UNESCO World Heritage)

In our surroundings there’s even a Sacred Mountain, The Sacred Mountain “Holy Trinity” in Ghiffa, one of the nine Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy, included in UNESCO World Heritage list since 2003. From this site you can look out on natural wonders and Maggiore Lake (Lago Maggiore) sightseeing and pray. The site is highly bewildering and impressive, for there also take place Marriage Services.


4) The Benedictine monastery “Holy Trinity” of Ghiffa - Benedictine of the Blessed Sacrament

Our parish is blessed for having, inside its territory, a Monastery too, in which a group of about 50 nuns live, work and play, according to St. Benedict’s Rule and the special gift of the everlasting Eucharistic adoration (Eucharistical worship) which has been going on for 100 years!


5) Single and groups accomodation (You’re welcome to come here)

We’re happy to be able to welcome you in our territory for a holiday or for longer.

We haven’t got any particular accomodation lodgings but we willingly share with you what we have.

We’re supplied with a kitchen, toilets and a shower, some halls to have meals and spend the nights, one smaller room for the group leaders. Besides, we have places protected from traffic, a small beach-volley court, a small gazebo and a few churches.

The afore mentioned, is all very close to Maggiore Lake (Lago Maggiore). It’s possible therefore to have dips and sunbathe or only to sightsee our surroundings.

In the nearby resorts it’s possibile to go for excursions; especially on Sacred Mountain “Holy Trinity” in Ghiffa one can spend peaceful, restful days and in prayer!

We can put you in touch with other organizations of the territory so as to exploit nearby locations lodgings.


6) Caritas activities “You’re not alone”

Caritas is a group of parish people who help the Vicar to spur up charity in the middle of the christian community, searching for need and poorness situations, trying to solve them, in joint effort with other institutions.

Our Charity activities survive only on donations, on the volunteer’s generosity, on the reservedness and discretion in the intercorse with these who “knock our door”.

You can find us generally on the est Saturday, the 3rd wednesday and the 4th Saturday every month, in S. Maurizio hamlet, but you must look up the advertisements case to see the exact times.

You may also contact the Caritas of the Diocese of Novara (Diocesi di Novara) clicking here.


7) Contacts

You can contact the Parishes

Via email (in any language):


Dialling (in Italian and Portuguese):

+39 0323 59189

(local fixed line, Vicarage / Parish house)

Dialling (in Italian, English, French and to get to other specific contacts with whom you can speak in other languages), for calls, SMS and WhatsApp:

+39 340 2488893

(a collaborator’s mobile)


8) Services Hours (Mass) and activities / enterprises

In the advertisement “showcase”, always updated, you can find our activities and Services’ timetable. The most important file is the “Parish Calendar”, in which you can find:

- printed in black: Service’s hours and places

- printed in light blue: the Baptisms (it’s not always a whole Service - Mass -)

- printed in red: the Marriages

- printed in green: the Patronal feasts events

- printed in violet: the other events


9) Groups and activities list

- Caritas activities

- Marriage Celebrations

- Catechism

- Biblical Group

- Youth Group

- Secondary School Group

- Primary School Group (games)

- Altar boy (Altar servers) Group

- Group for the Elderly (“Let’s gather”)

- Trips and proposals

- Summer activities, Theatre Group, Newspaper

- Parish Chorus and Oratory Chorus


10) Photo and video gallery

Photo and video gallery is available here.


11) Suggestions for the website

To contact the site’s creator and webmaster, to comment upon things, to point out mistakes or inaccuracies, suggestions to enhance the section, please contact:



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